Introduction and Mission

Conference Introduction and Mission

Welcome to our grand launch of the conferences series of Regional Studies on China by the HKU China Studies team! In the very first conference, we choose to focus on China’s North, a region encompassing areas conventionally known as Northeast China and Northwest China as well as Inner Mongolia. This is a region that bears great importance of historical and present-day China. This conference examines what constitutes China’s North, how to interpret its political, economic, social, and cultural characteristics, and how the region is connected to neighbouring territories, societies, and states.

The conference features presentations by scholars pioneering diverse approaches to research about China’s North, screenings of documentary films that bring the region to life, and an exhibition. All events are open to members of the HKU community, teachers and students from Hong Kong-area universities and secondary schools, as well as interested members from all sectors of the society.

As the first of many events that will showcase HKU China Studies’ strength on Regional Studies, this conference will be a valuable opportunity for participants to learn more about an area that is part of China’s Silk Road, a rich agricultural resource base, and the centre of industrial re-development.

For more information, please contact our conference committee at (Ms. Chengyi ZHOU).





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